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R.H. Tawney, Equality and the NHS at 75

The Journal of Christian Social Ethics · January, 2024

An extended Forum contribution to the ongoing challenges for the NHS and social care.

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Care and Support Reimagined 

St Mark's Sheffield - October 2023 

A reflection on "Care and Support Reimagined: A National Care Covenant for England."


Speaking Truth To Power: A Reflection On The 'Dignity For All' Conference 

Modern Church - July 5, 2023 

Valuing experts by experience when it comes to poverty alleviation/avoidance.

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How can anything be more than the some of its parts?

Modern Church - February 2024 

How human creativity can never be reduced to purely rational explanations.

Before and Beyond the 'Big Society': John Milbank and the Church of England's Approach to Welfare

James Clarke & Co, Cambridge, England

A timely critique of Milbank’s theology of welfare and its influence on policy inside and outside the Church of England.

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Liz Truss's Free Market Agenda for the UK: What Should be the Church of England's Response?

ABC Religion & Ethics · Oct 13, 2022

An exploration of how the Church of England might respond to the new economic agenda that is being championed by prime minister Liz Truss.

Radical, Catholic and Socialist - An appreciation of the life and work of Fr Kenneth Leech

CRCOnline · Mar 27, 2023

A tribute piece to the late Fr Kenneth Leech, the Anglo-Catholic Community Theologian, on his life and work.

Book Review: Beyond Establishment: Resetting Church-State Relations in England 

Jonathan Chaplin - SCM Press, 2022

An appraisal of an important contribution to the debate on whether to disestablish the Church of England.

William Temple Remembered

St Mark's Sheffield - May 2024 

A tribute piece to Archbishop William Temple on the 80th anniversary of his passing.


Meet the Author: Our Q&A with Joe Forde

James Clarke & Co, Cambridge, England

We sat down for a chat with Joe Forde, author of Before and Beyond the ‘Big Society’.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

The NHS and the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Vindication of Christian Realism?

ABC Religion & Ethics · Aug 5, 2022

A defence of the British Welfare State.

Book Review: Christian Socialism: The Promise Of An Almost Forgotten Tradition

Philip Turner (James Clarke &Co, 2022)

An appraisal of an important contribution to the history of Christian Socialism and its on-going relevance...

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Urban Poverty Pilgrimage: Towards a Theological Practice

Church Action on Poverty - August 2023 

Exploring poverty and its causes and consequences in Sheffield.

Let's End Poverty 

William Temple Foundation - November 2023

How can Christians best contribute to the Let’s End Poverty campaign, launched on 14th October, 2023?

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